Painting & Drawing Classes

In the classes, we will try to get a better understanding of the following topics—composition, anatomy, art styles, knowledge of materials and oil colours, and art history. Every lesson we will start with a small lecture on one of the above topics and will continue with the practice, using the learned components, in your own paintings.

Each week I will send a lesson by email for you to read at home so that we can have interactive discussions at the start of the lessons. We will mainly paint live models, but I am always open to other subjects (such as still life painting, abstract art etc.) The best way to learn more about what I teach is to have a look at my website. I hope you will be enthused by seeing my work and the lessons on the site.

Class Times

The painting classes are held on:
Thursday Mornings – 9am to 2pm
Saturday Mornings – 9am to 1pm.

Includes—models, refreshments, books and easels.
If you can join the classes I will send a shopping list for the materials I recommend you buy for your own use. If you have any materials at home, please bring these as well, or you can use my materials for an additional cost.

Make sure you wear old clothes during the classes, so you feel free to work with the paints which can get messy.



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