Painting & Drawing Courses

These art classes are designed for everyone with or without any background in painting. I will send a lesson every week to read at home.

We will start the classes with a brief but in-depth discussion on the topic of that week’s lesson. We will cover subjects like: knowledge of materials, composition, anatomy, art styles and art history. After this discussion we will paint with a live model or any other subject the student wants so they will discover their art style.

I will send a shopping list for the materials I recommend you buy for your own use. If you have any materials at home, bring those as well, or you can use my materials for an additional cost. Make sure you wear old clothes for the classes; we can get messy.

Studio Hours

Thursday mornings – 9am to 1pm

Saturday mornings – 9am to 1pm.

Includes: models, refreshments, books, and easels.

Inspirational! What a fantastic experience!

I hadn’t painted for 45 years and was incredibly nervous and self-conscious. Noella’s bubbly and nonjudgmental teaching style encouraged me enormously and brought out things I didn’t know I had. She believes you don’t need the talent to paint – just confidence. She gave me that over the 8 lessons I had with her.

She also taught us a lot about color, technicalities, and history, and showed me a new way to look at art. Highly recommended to everyone, with or without experience. ” –Leona K




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