Noëlla Roos

Noëlla Roos is a Dutch artist who is inspired by a thorough understanding of anatomy, composition, materials, and arabesque—the line and pattern of the body in movement. In her work, she enjoys the challenge of combining classicism with a contemporary approach and the portrayal of human emotion.

Noëlla works with modern and traditional dancers, and her work displays a range of emotions and movement, as well as strong evidence of her classical education in figurative drawing. Her work would not exist without the inspirational works of artists such as Michelangelo, Käthe Kollwitz, or the modern dance choreographer Pina Bausch, who challenged the boundaries between ‘traditional’ and ‘modern emotional’ dance. Rothko and Bill Viola have also had a significant influence on her work.

Her drawings do not need much explanation—they are what they show. However, Noëlla’s drawings are distinctive in its technique, artistry and her use of dancing, dynamic models.

When drawing her dancing models Noëlla draws as quickly as they move, in perfect harmony with the dancer and his/ her movements. The dancers inspire her. She translates their movement and emotion into abstraction and into her drawings—and later into her paintings. Dance is a very personal way of expressing emotion, and this is what Noëlla tries to capture in a figurative drawing. Working with dancers gives her the freedom to play with composition, and to respond to the emotion of the dancer.

Noëlla uses dance and music as a creative prop, a means to take the genre and techniques she knows best—that of drawing – beyond its usual analytical and synthetic potentialities” – Jean Couteau Asian Art News


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