For the past year, I have worked on digital artworks in Procreate. It’s a two-dimensional world like photography, and it’s difficult to make it three dimensional like a drawing or a painting. So I add dimension and structure from my paintings and drawings. It’s fascinating to start again with a new medium and to see myself making the same artistic mistakes as others, like the colour arrangement, because in this program you don’t have the possibility of creating a pallet as you do with a few oil paints, so I try not to use as many colours in procreate. It is amazing that you can work with Procreate whenever and wherever you want, and the possibility of making changes are endless. It opens a new world of art. The digital artwork is printed on special printing paper, Hahnemuhle 305 gram. We print a limited edition of 9 signed prints. The prices are €250 each without a frame. Additional shipping costs will be calculated and applied.