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Reflection, echo, repeating and time

REVERBERATION is an interdisciplinary and multi-media project bringing different cultures, disciplines and artists together. It represents time in space, motion and the ages, by the echo of dance, music, video, installation, and the artists drawing live. We will do this by exploring the idea of time passing using the windows of Faena building and projecting its shadows, by building new windows in actual size as an installation in this space. This creates an interaction of shadows from the real windows and from the installations,which is projected on the floor, on screen and on the dancers themselves. Reverberation therefore represents time reflected on different levels. Please see the attachments for a visualization.


Reverberation is a continuation of the project called “BETWEEN THE LINES”, started in 2015 and exhibited in various galleries through out Indonesia. It was a collaborative project of 3 different mediums and cultures exhibited as a total installation: dance, drawing and music. This project was an exploration of shared energy, or “Taksu” in the Indonesian language. “Between the Lines” explored the expressive movement of the unwritten language.

Installation & Project plan

The installations are life sized copies of the original windows that are made of bamboo, which are covered with projection screens made of fabric, placed in the Faena building.

The project will be a live performance of dancers, drawers and digital art projections – all of which are projected on the objects and space (installation windows, dancers and audiences. The audiences are a part of the experience. While the dancers move, the artists draw their movements on a mica sheet and digital drawing tablet. The drawings (live) will be projected directly onto the screens. The videographer will be editing the lines on screen(in real time). He combines the edited lines with the live drawings of that moment. Video art normally represents digitalized lines, but with this project we are going to make organic lines from the drawings.

The biggest idea of this project is to orchestrate a new, interactive communication modality between the dancers, drawers and videographers simultaneously, so that becomes an organic, fluent and instant reaction on time.

The installation consists of big windows and smaller ones, inspired by and in real size like the ones of the Faena building. These imitation windows have projected shadows onto the ground. Short reflections will represent the early morning and long reflections will symbolize the late afternoon sunlight. We will switch them from short to long and back again as a symbol for time.

The imitation windows are also used as screens for the projection of the lines and drawings. This is the echo, the reverberation, of the dance.

Thismulti-media performance is a landscape in between which the audience can choose to stand, to move and to interact with. The audience plays a part and are collaborating with light, shadows and time (through thewindows’ different length of shadows as light on the floor).

Time is also reflected in the choreography. A contemporary tango dancer and a Bhutto dancer in a choreography inspired by the Paleolithic era of the dinosaurs. Time is reflected by live drawings as an echo of the dancers’ movements. Time is made with videography as a shadow and of reprocessing the drawings onto the screens. Time is represented by the music that bridges the era of Tango and the times of the Dinosaurs.

What happens after the performance?

After the performance we loop the video of the performance on screen and we will exhibit the artists’(live sized) drawings (by Noella Roos) downstairs.



Visual Artists



Robert Pravda - Sound and images – Netherlands/ Hungary |


Music composition

  • Fendy Rizk – Contrabass– Indonesia 

 Choreography and dance