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Introducing Paper Power, an exhibition of art on paper from artists of two realms; Noella Roos from Netherland and Ida Bagus Purwa from Bali, both of whom now reside in Sanur.

This exhibition ensued from the meeting of similarities and differences in both artists’ works. Noella and Purwa choose to work with dancers as their artistic subject for very different reasons. One sees it as a reflection of his self-portrait. The other dwells in capturing the connection between her and her dancer during the working process. These differences were then connected by their fascination for movements, Purwa translates it in big strong motions, and Noella expresses it in small moving gestures. It is also a jovial coincidence that both artists were inspired by the drawings from a very small book of Dooijenwaard, a Dutch artist who worked in Bali around 1922.

It is enthralling to see how two worlds collide. The truth that artists from such different backgrounds, one male and one female, with different ways of approaching art were united by their similarity of love working on papers and dancers, and that is power in art.

For Purwa has said “art is in every humanity”, and Noella also stated strongly, “sensuality is the core of my drawings”. Join the discussion on the opening night by  the two artists to find out deeper about their works.


The exhibition will go through to 20th of April 2015 at Danes Art Veranda, Jl Hayam Wuruk 159 Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
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