Noella Roos: Trainer/ Facilitator/ Teacher

Noella Roos is a Dutch, classically-trained painter and drawer. She studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (The Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium) and Athens (Greece).  Noella has exhibited in many cities throughout Europe (Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium) and Asia (Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea) and has been teaching oil painting for more than 12 years.

Bali with its beautiful landscape and vibrant culture is home to many gifted and inspired artists and performers. The galleries and museums are home to an incredible collection of Balinese paintings, in both traditional and contemporary styles as well as artworks created by some of the island's most outstanding international artists.

Noella’s painting classes/ workshops are held on Thursday and Saturday each week. These are held at her studio, which is set in a lovely garden, in the village of Sanur, Bali.


The Lessons

During the classes you will develop a better understanding of the following topics: composition, anatomyoil painting technique, knowledge of materials and colour, art styles and art history.  Before each lesson, every participant will receive background information to read. Every lesson starts with a small lecture/discussion on one of the above topics and then these subjects and skills are applied in our own paintings.

The advanced lessons work more extensively with the issues and experience of the students, and about what is going on currently in the art world. We work with different topics such as using acrylic, impasto technique, making your own paint, or your own medium.


A Personal Note From Noella

“I teach oil painting because of my love for the medium and because I think that we should not "re-invent the wheel again" when it comes to all the technical issues associated with oil painting. Most modern art academies don't teach technical knowledge anymore (mediums, colour, composition, dark and light, anatomy, etc.) which is a pre-requisite for enjoying oil painting. Hence, I teach a lot of "hard" knowledge so that students can develop their own painting style while being aware of the technical aspects.”



Saturday morning: 09.00 - 13.00 hrs

Thursday morning: 09.00-13.00 hrs 

Small groups guaranteed (max. 6 persons)



Visits to the studios of other Balinese artists, museums, temples or galleries are also possible. Meeting artists, discovering what they think and how they work can be mutually inspiring. 

Tailor-made courses are also possible, please contact me. 
For more information about the painting workshops in Bali, and for registration, please contact Noella directly at: [email protected]