The Lines of Lightness

In November 2016, Willy Heramus and Noella Roos started the drawing and film project "THE LINES OF LIGHTNESS". We worked for 10 months on drawings and dance together with the theme: 'Dancing on a rope.

First Fly - Willy

FIRST FLY, 149 by 114,5 cm, Siberian charcoal on paper, 2017


What is flying?

From this collaboration we not only produced great drawings, but also a few short movies and one longer (12 minutes) dance- and drawing movie, showing the way we work and the drawings we produced.

Landscape of Willy


landscape of will

Willy Heramus is a contemporary dancer from West Borneo who is for the time being based in Bali. He started with Borneo traditional dances since he was very young, before he explored more Indonesian traditional dances and contemporary dance at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta a few years ago. He is now more concerned with contemporary dance, which developed from his dancing traditional dances and philosophy. For him, working with Noella is a kind of dance-body exploration and regular exercise for him to figure out a way to dance in the air with different space and form which his body cannot reach when he dances on the ground. Dancing in the air is another kind of dancing which is different from doing acrobatic movements.


“I do not have a concept as a statement, rather; the way I work is my concept", said Noella Roos.For 10 months, Noella and her dancer worked on LINES OF LIGHTNESS. "We worked on flying, inspired by angles. When is flying believable?”. See the way we work in our movie...

We hope you will enjoy "The Lines of Lightness"!

The Lines of Lightness

back site

BACK SITE, 114.5 by 148 cm, Siberian charcoal on paper, 2017