How to Choose an Oil Paint?

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We have a problem here in Bali there are not many brands. Winston and Newton, Talen’s and Amsterdam. Never buy Maries, that no paint! And it is very expensive here. So please buy them in other countries.

What is Paint?

Paint consists of three things: pigment, binder and filler.


Pigment is what gives colour to paint and in its raw form it is a fine powder. Binder is what holds the pigment and adheres it to a surface. There are a great number of binders for pigment. It is these binders that give us the many different types of paint such as Oil, Acrylic and Casein. Each binder imparts a unique quality to the pigment and adheres to the surface in a different way.

Pigments are the expensive ingredients, only not the earth colour.  Expensive brands you buy in series numbers because of the price of the pigments



Read the article on the link below by Oliver Jennes  that present feedback on 29 well-known brands, which we have gathered from a variety of consumer review sites and thousands of artists who display their oil paintings on WonderStreet’s platform. To our knowledge, this is the most comprehensive comparison of oil colours that you will find online.


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