In the classes we sometimes copy well- known or classical paintings because it is an excellent way to learn techniques and to understand what the artist did. Additionally making a copy means we have to be very observant and look carefully and for a long time at the art piece in order to create the same palette and try to use the same materials and techniques as the artist. 

COPY   copy
J. Israels copied by Bart                           J. Israels copied by Bart


copy technique  massini
Hofker copied by Noella                                       Massini copied by Noella


copy   copy
Fragonard copied by Jesse                     Matisse copied by Monica                                    


copy msnet  
Manet copied by Anita                         

copy inneke from verster    Carel Fabricius copy by AnneleeN  
Verster copied by Inneke    Carel Fabricius copied by Anneleen

copy of hofker
Hofker copied by Sook & Noel


copy gaugin by paulina
Gaugin copied by Polina